Hello! This project is a little test to practice using GameObject states, lerp, and the concept of secret rooms!

Please, use:

  1. A and D: to move the player
  2. Space bar: to jump
  3. Avoid the enemies!
  4. Collect all the coins you can!

This project was made in collaboration with Torbisco Jessenia

All of our Art comes from different free sources, for our Tilemap we used: Pixel Adventure by Pixel Frog

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AuthorsEduardo Muro, Jessy_27


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This game is super interesting and fun to play. Love the way it has been made, a few things in this game even made me recall the Mario we used to play during childhood. This game is simple and really good to target the kids to play, however, you also need to fix up many things, like for example, the player is currently sliding which looks really odd, the animation of the player is not syncing well with the movement, and the jump distance is changing randomly which breaks up the feel of the game. Polishing this game ahead would attract many users of minor age to play this sgame. 


Hi! Thanks for the feedback! We got inspired by the original Super Mario Bros and we are happy to see that you felt the essence of the game! We are going to look it up the issues that you found, thanks for stopping by and helping us improve!


That sounds great!


Thanks for the feedback, we added a new image for when the character dies and reworked from scratch the player controller because we weren't happy with a bug that we found. Hope this new player controller gives you a better experience! Thanks for stopping by and helping us improve!

Cool, will check it out.