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Hi there!

"Seeker of Light" is a project made by Rios Ricardo and Eduardo Muro, we hope you enjoy it!

Concept: You are a bird on a journey, to find pieces of your inner light, in the process you will meet other birds that are cold, as their inner light has burn out, in this dificult times you can teach and help others gain ther inner light back, however, by doing so, your inner light will decrease since you will use energy to make others find comfort, can you balance your inner light with the happiness of others?


  1. WASD is used to move your character.
  2. You can Exit the Game with "Esc" (we are so sorry! our canvas-image got a little problem so we had to make a shortcut to the exit).
  3. Try to pick as much light sources as you can while trying to help others with your inner light by making contact with them.

The amount of birds you help along the way will appear in the Final Scene! It's your choice how many birds you can help without extinguish your inner light in the proccess!

Install instructions

Download the zip file, decompress it, select "Seeker of Hope" and you are ready to go!


Seeker of Light.zip 22 MB

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