Move between a scientist's room and a room in ancient Rome, collect and interweave the information in order to solve the puzzles and thus be able to escape from the place.

The theme of Duality will be focused on the duality between scientific Cosmology and mythological Cosmology.

Genre: First person puzzle-solving adventure game (Escape Room)


  1. WASD / Arrows - Move
  2. Mouse - Look
  3. Left Shift - Crouch
  4. Left Ctrl - Cursor control toggle
  5. Space - Jump


Polaris (Sabrina Purswani)Programmer / Animation
Game Design
Astaroth (Eduardo Muro)Programmer 
Game Design
Danipv3D (Daniel Pérez )3D Artist                    
Game Design
Jonatan GalindoMusic

Spanish Version GDD can be found here:

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
AuthorsEduardo Muro, ArtistSynth, SabrinaP, Danipv3D
GenreEducational, Adventure, Puzzle
Tags3D, Point & Click, Singleplayer, Unity


Download 97 MB

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Is the Save Game funtion broken? I saved the game several times. Stopped playing to eat lunch. Reloaded last save and all my progress is back to the beginning ( had two planets left to find ).

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I need help on the computer puzzle

"Amor vincit omnia"? If you look around you can find out where that quote is from and what it's talking about (remember you can often click on things several times to get new bits of info about it). Also, since the theme is love, have you seen anything that looks like a heart?

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not yet


If you've followed the right steps, you should be able to see it from where you're sitting at the computer ;)

still have no clue I thought it was the map but I have no idea what the map has on it that is the password

You're on the right track! The map is incomplete at the beginning of the game, but once it's complete you can get the password from there. There are sources of knowledge you can use to know how to use it as well. Also, to make sure, are you playing the latest version of the game? It was updated to version 1.6 on February 12.


can I get a translation of the note on the floor trying to google translate it is messy and I do know it means something I just don't know what because I can't translate it

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The sheet of paper on the floor doesn't have any clues, it's just random latin. I should include a line of dialogue to indicate that, thanks!

There are a couple of meaningful latin phrases that appear in the game, and their translations appear within the game as well.

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A new version has been uploaded where we took your feedback on board (and fixed a couple of other bugs). Thank you for helping to improve the game!




I probably helped some other people out as well