Break Time: public alpha!

Hey all! This is Dylan (aka Celtican), the lead programmer behind Break Time. This game has been in the shadows for a while, so I am SUPER excited to reveal it to the public today.

Break Time is a satirical corporate beat 'em up with a destructible environment. It's the casual project of a small group of a hyper-elite team: we have Eduardo the game/level designer, Colleen the artist/animator, Hamna the producer/marketer, and me the programmer! Over the past month we have been building this game to the alpha stage that it is now. We just finalized the changes today for our public exhibition playtest night as part of the Indie Game Academy program.

In its alpha stage, Break Time only has one level. In this one level, there isn't a win condition. Instead, you can compete to get a high score and flex your beat 'em up skills. This also means there are a lot of things missing: there are only two types of enemies, a limited amount of objects, a bare environment, no main menu, and frankly a lot else missing. This alpha is meant to be a preview for what the game may look like when it's released.

The next step is beta. For the next two weeks we'll be adding more content: that means levels, enemies, objects, and hopefully a unique boss or two. After that, we push for release. The game will be released on August 26 on multiple platforms: the App Store, Play Store, itch, and hopefully Steam. It's meant to be a casual game aiming for a small-but-memorable experience. If that sounds cool to you, feel free to join our mailing list to get weekly status updates on the game's progress. We'd appreciate it!

Until next time!

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